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What is it that you want your dog to do?  Do you want to know how to train your dog in the most effective way?  And you want results!  Many people also want their dog to be more calm, not jump on people and be a better behaved family member.  Home Dog Training Positively can help your dog learn how to acquire the skills necessary to become a well behaved member of the family, and help you know how to train your dog most effectively. Through the use of positive, reward based training, we can help your dog become more calm, more confident, and a more focused dog who can learn to make good choices.  We never use any pain, fear or intimidation tactics. We work on concepts, such as confidence, impulse control, and calmness and teach your dog the skills necessary to develop those concepts.  The training is fun and you can feel good about the relationship you are developing with your dog.

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5 Reasons To Choose VSPDT
  • All VSPDT trainers have been chosen by and worked personally with Victoria.
  • VSPDT's are the most accomplished, professional dog trainers world-wide
  • VSPDT's can help with any issue using only positive, science-based methods.
  • VSPDT's never use pain or fear when working with dogs.
  • VSPDT's teach effective canine communication skills to achieve lasting results.

Success Stories

Valerie & Moose, Scottsdale, AZ

"We had always wanted a Newfoundland, and when opportunity knocked, we welcomed Moose into our home. We quickly discovered Moose was a strong willed, very..."

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Meta Goforth & Lola San Tan Valley, AZ

"Lola came to us a scared, high strung, completely antisocial little girl. It seemed she was always in trouble. She chased our kitties, ate the couch and..."

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