We had always wanted a Newfoundland, and when opportunity knocked, we welcomed Moose into our home. We quickly discovered Moose was a strong willed, very active, pushy, and domineering pup. He basically turned our lives and our home upside down for almost a year. He was mouthy, jumped, and even more disturbing, was food aggressive, resource guarded, and displayed a willingness to bite. In desperation, we used a trainer who used the shock collar method. After seven months, the problems still persisted, and in fact, a few had escalated. We interviewed and met with four additional trainers, but were not satisfied with their approach. Fearing we might have to give Moose away, we were referred to Sharon by several vets. Sharon and her positive, patient approach turned Moose and our lives completely around. The tools and instruction in her positive method built trust and respect on Moose’s side, and helped us (as owners) free ourselves of the guilt of having to shock Moose into compliance. In the reward based system, we began to see Moose think about his choices and make the right one knowing a treat and not a shock would be his reward/motivation. Moose is now the well behaved dream dog we always wanted and delights almost everyone who has the pleasure to meet all 150 pounds of him! I whole heartily recommend Sharon and her positive method to anybody interested in fostering a positive and trusting relationship with their dog. She truly saved Moose and our family and we are forever grateful!

lolawebMore on Meta and Lola
Lola came to us as a scared, high strung, completely antisocial little girl. It seemed she was always in trouble. She chased our cats, ate the couch and nothing that she could carry outside was safe from being destroyed. We couldn’t leave her alone. She spent lots of time in trouble. We didn’t want to give up on her, but we really wondered if we were the right people for her. Then we found Sharon. We have been training with Sharon for about three months, and Lola’s life is completely different. We found that she is super smart, but just didn’t know what we expected of her. She loves her puzzles and games we play together. She is very well behaved, social with other dogs and children, and not scared of everything! She is calmer and much more comfortable in her own fur. She now knows how to behave and can go places with us and gets pets from people she meets. She is HAPPY! Lola’s next goal is to start agility training! Sharon taught me how to communicate with Lola. I can’t thank her enough for giving me the tools to help Lola succeed and be the happy girl we always knew she could be.