Be Your Dog’s Advocate

Clients often tell me that they spoke with a trainer who claimed to be a positive reinforcement trainer.  However, when the trainer got to their house, he put a  shock collar or a prong collar on the dog. The dog became very scared and the people got upset, but they didn’t speak up and express their anger and shock.   I  ask  WHY they allowed this to happen and the response is always “Well, I thought he was the expert so I thought he knew what he was doing.” It is sad that the trust has been broken  between the dog and the people . It is so important to recognize that you and you alone can protect your dog. If someone attempts to do something to your dog that makes you uncomfortable, speak up. Don’t hesitate. Don’t be embarrassed to protect your dog! You are your dog’s parent and it is up to you to defend and protect your pet. Be your dog’s advocate! Remember to be “the person your dog thinks you are.”

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Positively Expert: sharonwitherspoon