Summer Fun With Your Dog

Summer comes and it is so hot we can’t do some of the outside activities with our dog that we usually do.  We don’t have our dog training classes during the summer months here due to the heat.  No one wants to be out in the heat, and certainly our dogs who wear fur coats don’t want to be in the heat.  But the dog still needs mental stimulation.  So what can you do?  You can set up a small agility course in the house using household items (baskets for example) as weave poles, use a broom handle going between the rungs of two chairs as a jump, and maybe under a chair as a tunnel.  Puzzles are great fun for dogs.  The thing about puzzles is they are interactive toys, not toys to be left with the dog.  Sit down on the floor with the dog and help him learn how to use the puzzle and congratulate him on his success!  Tricks are lots of fun for dogs, great to build self-confidence and easily done in the confines of a nice air conditioned living room.  The AKC has even recently developed a trick dog title.  We will undoubtedly have an AKC Trick Dog class soon.  Have fun with your dog and keep cool!

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Positively Expert: Sharon Witherspoon