Having A Healthy Dog

There are many components to having a dog that is a healthy dog.  Having a healthy dog includes good mental health, being confident and happy.  Being a healthy dog includes proper exercise geared to the age and physical capability of the dog.  Providing a dog with mental stimulation in the form of training and fun activities helps a dog become a well adjusted dog.  Another aspect of having a healthy dog is keeping the dog at an appropriate weight.  Obesity is a major problem in dogs, as it is in humans.  Being over weight is hard on the weight bearing joints, as well as internal organs.  The two most common reasons for dogs being over weight is free feeding (leaving food down all the time) and lack of exercise.  Be sure to measure your dog’s food with a measuring cup, not just a scoop, so that you know exactly the amount being given.  It is estimated that being over weight can lead to a dog dying two years earlier than the dog would if maintaining a healthy weight.  Keep your dog with you longer by having the healthiest dog you possibly can manage!

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Positively Expert: Sharon Witherspoon